Women’ Secret: new entry with offers at the MARE WEST retail park

The beloved spanish lingerie & accessories brand, that has been designed by women, for women, opened its new store at the MARE WEST retail park, celebrating with amazing offers for its consumers.

In a ultra modern space of 100 sq.m., you can discover a vast range of all the latest trends in bathing suits, beachwear and accessories for the summer season that is right around the corner. Furthermore, you can discover all the latest items of the new Women’ Secret collection of lingerie with luxurious  lace and sheer details, sportswear with amazing body fit and the special line of maternity wear for mothers to be and new moms.

Especially until the end of March, Women’ Secret will offer its customers a 20% discount in all beachwear, lingerie and accessory items.

Come visit MARE WEST and discover your feminine side.

*the above mentioned offer cannot be combined with items that are already at a special price.

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