Mare West Leisure & Activity Park

Mare West Leisure & Activity Park Skate park, pump track, climbing wall, outdoor event & leisure space and bike track, all included in a 7- acre park.

The Leisure and Activity Park of Mare West operates as an open space recreation area, completely free for its visitors. It also operates as a meeting point for local residents and visitors of the area of Corinth.
The overall design of the park is inspired by the five Olympic circles. Another key design element is the need to address all age groups so as to be accessible to all visitors of Mare West. At the same time, visitors of all ages will be able to try their skills in two of the five new Olympic sports, namely skateboard and climbing. In detail, the five circles of the park include:

– Skate park 500 sq.m., for all skateboard fans, inline skaters and BMX bikers.
– 700 sq. m. pump Track with curves, elevated track, artificial wave obstacles for small jumps, specially designed for mountain bike enthusiasts.
– 350 sq. m. climbing wall for kids over 6 years old.
– Outdoor space of 300 sq. m. for hosting events, outdoor movies, shows etc and a 500 sq. m. relaxation area with pergolas for shade, tables and picnic benches.

Finally, a 250 m. flat terrain bike path that encloses the 5 activity & recreation circles of the park.
The Leisure & Activity park of Mare West operates daily from 10 a.m to 10 p.m and entrance is free. For your own safety we remind you that the use of a helmet and correct protective gear is mandatory in the Skateboard and Pump Track areas. Furthermore, you are kindly requested to adhere to all safety regulations and directions of use of the facilities, as explained on the respective signage in the park.

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