Largest mid-season sales

The days are getting shorter but the sales are getting larger at Mare West!

From 1 to 15 November the largest mid-season sales
Open stores on Sunday 3 November, 11.00-19.00

November is coming and it brings amazing sales at Mare West. The temperature may be dropping and the days may become shorter but the mood is high because the sales are getting larger at Mare West!
With special offers and prices dropping down to 70%, the retail park in Corinth becomes the best destination for affordable shopping in all its fashion, sportswear, home wear and accessories stores, once again.
New collections at H&M, LC Waikiki, Celestino, Women’Secret, American Stars, Funky Buddha and English Home sportswear and athletic gear from the experts, Nike & Decathlon, and also stylish accessories from La Bijouagie, Gregio, Achilleas accessories as well as Rouge Parfumeries are waiting our younger and older friends. At the same time, the sales smiles of our younger visitors are becoming bigger, thanks to our 2000 sq.m. playground!
Finally, as time is never enough for affordable shopping, all the stores will be open on Sunday 3 November, from 11am to 7pm.

For the biggest sales don’t go too far… you’llfind them at Mare West!

MARE WEST, don’t go too far…

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