Children’s weekends

Stay close… kids’ fun is landing at MARE WEST

This year, spring at MARE WEST is dedicated to kids. From March 10 th and every weekend all through May, a new space is established at our favorite retail park, dedicated to kids for creative play with an educational character. Through fun games, workshops and activities kits will creatively spend their time learning something new each weekend.

Every kids’ weekend at MARE WEST will have its own exciting theme, and will introduce kids to new knowledge each time. All activities are free for MARE WEST visitors. Activities include:

– 10/3 & 11/3 Spring has sprung. We plant seeds, make our first greenhouse and paint flowers.
– 17/3 & 18/3  I travel with safety. We learn all about road safety and recreate some of the road signs as well as a traffic light.
– 24/3 & 25/3 We create the Greek flag. We draw our national flag and learn more about our national holiday. Theatrical play with music and dancing.
– 14/4 & 15/4  My first planetarium. I learn about space and planets. And create them with play-doh.
– 21/4 & 22/4 Educational puzzle with numbers, letters, fruits and animals. We create 3d puzzles and play board games.
– 28/4 & 29/4 I learn about legumes. We talk about their nutritional value and make mosaics with lots of imagination.
– 5/5 & 6/5 Paint-brush paintings. Come and paint flowers with watercolors.
– 12/5 & 13/5 Mother’s Day. We make cards and paintings dedicated to every mother.
– 19/5 & 20/5 Pasta crafts. We make jewelry, frames and many other things made of pasta.
– 26/5 & 27/5 Crafts coming from the ocean. We make colorful fish.
Our Kids’ Weekend will operate Saturday 14:00 & 17:00 – 20:00 and Sundays 10:00 – 14:00.


Stay close! Kids’ Weekends are coming to Mare West!

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