This year vacation means fun at Mare West

The program of events starts with an outdoor movie screening on Saturday July 10th & continues every Friday & Saturday until August 14th with a fantastic set of activities for everyone

* OPEN- AIR CINEMA with kids’s favourites
* Astronomy night «the 7 wonders of the Universe»
* Afternoons with fairy tales and environmental activities for the young visitors of Mare West
* Carefree fun for everyone with complete adherence to all safety measures in all areas of the retail park
* Your visit is complete with summer sales shopping up to August 31st !

Along with the holidays, the summer program of events of the Mare West retail park begins, with activities for all ages at the outdoor facilities of the Activities & Recreation Park. Starting on Saturday July 10th and every Friday and Saturday until August 14th , Mare West becomes once again a meeting point, for the safest and most carefree summer fun.
The beloved summer habit of open-air cinema with fantastic children's movies returns every Saturday evening from July 10th to August 14th , featuring favorite kid’s movies, while from Friday, July 16th and every Friday until August 13th the whole family can enjoy unique activities such as astronomy night, fairy tale reading and environmentally creative activities. At the same time, for those who want to refresh their summer wardrobe. Mare West is the ideal choice with sales on favorite brands that continue until August 31st.

OPEN – AIR CINEMA: every Saturday from July 10th to August 14th at 20:30

The established summer cinema appointment returns one more season from Saturday July 10th and every Saturday until August 14th at the Mare West Activities & Recreation Park Theater. The screenings start at 20:30 and the children's favorite heroes take the lead to entertain them and take them on magical adventures.

* 10/07 Smallfoot
* 17/07 Gnomeo & Juliet
* 24/07 Tangled
* 31/07 Ferdinand
* 07/08 Onward
* 14/08 Storks

The screenings will take place at a specially assigned area in the Activities & Recreation Park, adhering to all safety measures. Furthermore, a certain number of attendees will be allowed with controlled entry. Specifically, a total of 100 people will be allowed to enter, following a priority line so arrival at the venue is recommended.
Additionally, the use of protective face masks is mandatory for all visitors, during their stay at the area of the summer movie theatre.

Astronomy night “the 7 wonders of the universe” on Friday July 16th at 21:30

The Astronomy Team of the Municipal Library of Corinth travels everyone into the mysteries and wonders of the universe through an interactive presentation under the stars. The team will refer to all those spectacular, unexplained phenomena of the Universe that trigger our admiration and awe.
The event will start at 21.30, in a specially located part of the Recreation & Activities Park, adhering to all protection and hygiene measures and with a certain number of people with controlled entry. The use of a mask is mandatory throughout the stay at the event venue.

Afternoon with fairy tales & environmental activities for the young friends of Mare West, from Friday July23 rd and every Friday until August 13th

From Friday July 23 rd , and every Friday until August 13th , Mare West welcomes its young friends at the Activities & Recreation Park, for creative fun. On Friday, July 23 rd and August 6th at 19:30, the enchanting world of fairy tales comes to life through creative reading of favorite stories. On Friday July 30th and August 13th at 18:00, children are informed on the protection of the environment, learning about reforestation, the value and usefulness of plants for the planet, as well as the growth time of plants when replaced, while they will try their gardening skills
In all activities, the use of protective masks from everyone is mandatory. This summer, the safest and most carefree outing for discount shopping, play and fun for everyone takes place safely at Mare West. Enjoy the free program of events, take a walk in the large open spaces and combine it with the most impressive sunset of the summer, overlooking the Corinthian!

This year vacation means fun at Mare West

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